Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Kaysa

Yesterday Kaysa's turning 3. Hoooraaayy...

Since last year I forgot to make a cake (even i didn't buy 1. Haha). so this year im committed to make it. I asked the recipe from my best friend Sita (ssttt she's the owner of Blastacake. Really recommended!!). Early in the morning me and Kay baked together. Kay weighed the flour, sugar, vanilla extract , etc and it turned out that she ate salt. Have i mentioned that Kay's new fave food is SALT? Everytime she tiptoe in the kitchen, it must be Kaysa is digging for salt. Hahaha. I ever gave him a lot just to make her stop this habit but it didnt work.

At noon  I gave her first present : playing at an amusement park, Playparq. Woohooo...  she really enjoyed it. She played sliding, swing, water park, fishing, ball shower, dingdong, trampoline, climbing through the stone corner, etc. When i asked her preference Playparq vs Lollipop she said that she prefer Playparq to Lollipop. Hamdalah

When she took a nap, i finished the birthday cake topping. It turned out cute (pede). I never bake a birthday cake before so im so happpyyyy that i nailed it. After that we blew the candles and gave goodie bag for Kay's friend. Actually Kay has only 4 friends in Tanjung Barat. Huhu.. poor her. Hopefully there'll be newcomer whose kids. Amiiiinnnn

I have another present to Kay. But i'll keep it till this Sunday, a ticket to Disney Fairy Magic Tales.  Anyone? Regarding i dont like princess tales that much i asked the best to accompany, aunty Riri. Can't wait.

Once again happy birthday Kay. Wishes you grow as a salihah girl, kind-hearted, tough, has a good EQ, SQ, and IQ *see i put IQ at the end lho Kay. Salihah salihah salihah. Amiiinnn... and may Allah always be with you. Amiiiinnn



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