Friday, November 19, 2010


Hmmm too much to shares, but i don't have enough time *alasaaan*

Somehow I think my decision to leave EY is right. This week i have been assigned to my client in Ampera. When i saw their in-house report i was y a w n i n g. pardon not we! we were y a w n i n g. haha.. no comment ahh..

And today i proposed my exit clearance form to my new manager. He asked when my last day in EY. I said Nov 27. He shocked! I know he ever asked me to change the date of my resignation letter. but later he signed it. you'll think that he's finally approve it, won't you? same here. i thought he finally agree that my resignation letter's date was Oct 29. I intentionally did backward the date due to company's rule that require 1-month notice.

And today he said that we managed to fool him. hahhhh!! how dare you called us liar! his word is still ringing in my head. sorry mas, you lost my respect. if you know what maam did to us. whatever.. i will post it later *masih emosi*



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