Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Kitchen Utensils

Finally after long contemplations *lebay*, i decided to buy some new kitchen utensils:

1. Magicom (in grey and pink color)

We bought the scratch-resistant magicom from C*smos. it will not scratch or peel off during cooking or washing. so no worries of consuming metals or chemicals *sales' style.hihi*

2. Oven. super yeaaaayyy!!!

Actually we were looking for Kirin, recommended by Nita. But we found the bigger and better oven from C*smos with lower price. Thank you year-end sale =)

3. Big frying pan (28 cm)

We absolutely need it =). No more minyak tumpah2 out of the pan. hihi..

woohoo let's rooock the kitchen. i'm so ready to make lasagna. lirik Dini. hahaha



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